Your Own Lenten Grotto

Emily & Madi with a friend
 I put it on my to-do list last year to make my very own Lenten grotto after I saw the project here on "A Holy Experience."  I loved the simplicity and the symbolism that could help better explain the Lenten & Easter season to my children.  I also love any excuse to bring a succulent plant into the house.   

We lucked out when gathering supplies because we had everything we needed in the house already.  We got creative with plants and found rock leftover from another potted plant.  Moss was outside and the rocks that we used to make the tomb were in the backyard.

Here's what you will need to make your very own Lenten Grotto Garden:

  • A container that has a lot of surface area like a planter basket or plastic bowl planter
  • Three or four small plants.  We used a spider plant and a few succulents.  (You can get yours at a garden center or take cuttings from plants you have on hand like we did.)
  • A small branch
  • Moss
  • Small glass for the reflecting pool
  • A few shells or rocks to scatter around and to make a path to the tomb
  • A large rock or rocks to make a cave-like tomb
  • Soil & water

Reflecting Pool

Plant your garden and fill your pool with a little rock and water.  Lay stones to make a path in expectation of what is to come. 
Our completed Lenten Grotto

Emily Elliott

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