What to do with all that Almond Bark

This holiday season I went a little nuts buying the almond bark. I had this great idea that I could make all the recipes I remembered from my childhood and share them with my kids. I also was planning on helping to make dipped pretzel rods for the goodie bags my women's group was working on for Christmas eve. That meant getting almond bark for 400 pretzel rods. That's a lot of pretzels, let me tell you.

Well, I ended up working on most of these recipes by myself and only was able to get 200 pretzel rods dipped. I am so glad that that number worked out perfectly for our attendance this Christmas eve with some left over. I was a little worried. So, now I am left with five packages of almond bark. What to do? What to do?

Well, I can't imagine that you have quite as much almond bark laying around your kitchen as I do but Valentine's Day is coming up and who won't love some chocolate covered pretzels from their sweet heart?

Here are a couple of tools that will make working with the almond bark a little easier:

*Large microwave safe bowl for melting almond bark
*Waxed paper
*Heat safe spatula

Here's the recipe in my "What to do with all that Almond bark" series. Enjoy!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

*One package of white or chocolate almond bark (White is my favorite!)
*A couple bags of your favorite pretzel (I used a mixture of sizes)
*Sprinkles (optional)

*Cover your work surface and any flat surface you can dry pretzels on with waxed paper.

*Place the almond bark in your microwave safe bowl and microwave five minutes on high. Using your heat safe spatula, stir and microwave an additional 2 – 5 minutes until the almond bark is completely melted.

*Dip your pretzels in one at a time using your hand or fork to help shake off excess almond bark before carefully laying the pretzels on the wax paper. Once on the wax paper you can shake sprinkles on them while the almond bark is still soft.

*Repeat process of dipping pretzels and laying them on the wax paper until you run out of chocolate and pretzels or you have no more room to lay them to dry. Which ever one happens first.

*Once completely hardened they are ready to eat or package for giving. Enjoy!

Be sure to check in next week for almond bark fun!

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