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My husband’s birthday was this week and one of things I always try to do is find an ecard that I think sums up my husband and the specialness of the day and send it his way.  It appeals to his minimalist sensibilities and it saves a paper birthday card from the trash.  So, for me it’s a win-win situation. 

This year when I went to my favorite place for ecards,, I just wasn’t seeing anything new that I liked and I realized that I had sent him all the ones that I loved.  So, off to Google I went to find the perfect card.  Here are a few of the fantastic and free choices that I came across that I couldn’t wait to share.      

These cards are for that inside joke between close friends or a tongue in cheek greeting for your spouse.  Some of these I wouldn’t be caught dead sending but others are just drop dead funny.  My favorite birthday message is “If you were Jesus, today would be Christmas.”

Pingg is more than just digital cards and invitations it solves the problem that I frequently have with that small portion of my guest list that doesn’t do email.  Pingg will print, address and send your invite or card for a small fee.  How awesome is that?  Now I can do all my sending from one place.  There is a registration process but it’s pretty easy.  I chose this happy birthday card design here for my husband.  I can’t wait to try out some other features.

I used a vintage Max & Emily picture and added “Take me the Way I am” by Ingrid Michaelson.  I love the pairing and how easy it was to do on  You get to preview your selections and add an additional message if the song doesn’t speak for its self and you’re done.

So, where is your favorite ecard and invitation website?

Emily Elliott

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