Mosaic Monday: Cement Container Gardens

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This past July 4th weekend I made a trip with the kids up to Powell Garden's here in Missouri and was blown away by the creative use of cement planters as container gardens.

I have loved the look of cement planters for a long time now and I think they compliment a clean, modern aesthetic very well.  I even have researched a bit on how to make my own.  If I had the space and resources I would have several curing in the garage right now waiting for next year.  But, until then I just live vicariously through the pictures I have taken.

Share your experiences with making your own cement containers in the comments.  Was it easy?  What would you have done differently in your project.  I can't wait to hear your words of wisdom.

Enjoy this week's cement container garden mosaic! 

Mary of Little Red House is our hostess for Mosaic Monday. 
Each mosaic is unique and has it's own story to tell.

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