Pizza Just the Way You Like It

Pizza night is a weekly family tradition in many American households.  I can imagine that quite a few just order in or pick-up pizzas from the freezer section and bake them at home.  We in the Elliott household like to be a little bit more creative.

When I see a great deal on fresh cheese pizza at the supermarket I buy a couple and then fill my cart with great pizza veggies.  The pizza pictured here was an extra large cheese from Aldi's that ran at around 6.99.

When I bring it home I preheat the oven and get to work cleaning and chopping up the veggies.  This is a great activity that you can share with your kids and help them be a part of dinner.  The veggies listed below are our favorites and often times I am just using up what was left in veggie drawer of the frig.      

Black Olives
Green, Yellow & Red Bell Pepper
Roma Tomatoes
Extra Mozzarella Cheese
For the Meat Eaters half has pepperoni

Other favorite combinations are extra cheese and pineapple or all the veggies above with artichoke hearts.  This is where you can really customize your slice however you like it.  Who knows maybe adding some broccoli or zucchini with all that cheese will get your kids to try something new. 

Once you finish layering all your veggies we like to sprinkle on some Parmesan cheese and some extra shredded mozzarella to act as the glue to keep the veggies from sliding around.  Then you follow the baking instructions that came with your pizza.  You might have to add a couple more minutes depending on how things look in the oven and how many toppings you added.

Once the timer goes off you want let your pizza cool a bit before you cut into it.  Serve your finished creation with a simple lettuce salad and your favorite dressing.  We also like to add some chopped fruit to round out the meal.   

What's your favorite pizza topping?  Do share in the comments.

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