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Have you listened to the most recent YarnCraft podcast from Lion Brand Yarns?  Well, this week Liz and Zontee share stories from listeners and professional yarn crafters about why they knit or crochet.  You can can get the most recent podcast here at YarnCraft Episode 88 :: 11 Stories of Why We Knit & Crochet.  After listening I got to thinking about why I crochet and loom knit and I was inspired to share my story. 

In 2002, I met my husband and he taught me to crochet. I had always wanted to learn but no one had ever taken the time to show me.  My first project was an obnoxious stripped scarf that was constructed using the remnants of many crazy colored acrylic yarns.  You could say I was stash busting but I had no idea what that was at the time.  

I ripped that scarf out so many times before I got it right.  For awhile there I was afraid I would only be able to make odd shaped triangles but eventually I figured out that I had been dropping stitches and I was off and running.  I think that first project went to Caroline, an 8 year old girl that I was a nanny for at the time. 

I have since moved on to bigger and better projects.  I have made scarves, baby blankets, prayer shawls, purses, booties, pillows, stocking caps and backpacks.  I collect tons of patterns and ideas and I love shopping for yarn and imagining what I can make with it.  

A few months after I started crocheting I bought a very soft yarn that reminded me of homespun with the idea that I would make a scarf for my mom.  I had a terrible time crocheting with it.  Forget trying to count your stitches.  Once you made one you couldn't tell it from all the others.  I got so frustrated the yarn went to the bottom of my closet never to be seen again.  

Months later I was talking to my junior high school friend Erica and she started telling me about this loom she had bought and had started to make hats with.  I was intrigued.  It sounded so easy and the finished product was beautiful.  I had to try it.  Then I remembered that frustrating but beautiful yarn I had in my closet and decided to borrow a loom and give it a try.  

It worked out perfectly.  That Christmas I had matching scarves to give my mother and my grandmother.  I have since made shawls and hats with my Round Knifty Knitter loom set, started a prayer shawl ministry group where several people now use the looms, and have collected several other loom shapes for future projects.       

I continue to love working with yarn and making projects for my friends and family.  This year I even added a few things for myself.  I hope to make a large afghan someday.  I can't wait to share my current projects with you.  
Share your yarn crafting journey by telling us how you got started.  

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