The Creation of a Blue Fairy

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My daughter, Madi saw this blue fairy costume idea from our favorite thrift store and decided then and there that this was the costume for her this Halloween. I was a little bit nervous because I wasn't sure how we would recreate it on our limited budget. In the following weeks I worked to convince her that taking elements of that costume and making it our own would be just as effective and cool. It also could be a lot of fun.

We discussed what elements were must-haves for this costume and we decided on:

An all Blue Outfit

Blue Hair (either a wig or temporary dye)


Fairy Skirt (like a tutu)

One of the things I have tried to do in the past is create a base for an outfit that can be used as regular clothes later on. With the Blue Fairy a long sleeved blue t-shirt we found at the local thrift store and dark blue denim leggings that we had on hand were the perfect canvas. We also added dark shoes and socks from Madi's closet to finish it off.
The Basic Outfit
Then we hit the Dollar Tree to get some inspiration. We hit the jackpot and found blue fairy wings, silver and blue sparkle jewelry that lights up, a blue headband hair extension, and a blue canvas treat bag. I even found a few princess/fairy skirts that matched but decided to make our skirt. I had always wanted to try my hand at making a no sew fairy tutu skirt and now was the time.

Our last trip was to the fabric store to get skirt making supplies. Here's what you need to make your very own fairy skirt:

2 yards of 1 ½” - 2” wide light blue fabric ribbon [I went ahead and just bought the whole roll]

2 yards each of 4 different shades of blue tulle fabric
I measured my ribbon to fit my daughter's waist and then added a couple feet on either side so I could have a generous bow on the back when the finished skirt was tied on. Then I laid that aside so I could tackle all that tulle.
I cut the tulle into ~4 inch wide strips that were ~3 feet long. I eyeballed this one. You might want your skirt shorter or longer depending on who you are making it for. These dimensions gave a nice result for my five year old.
Then I laid out the ribbon I had cut and found the center point. I anchored the ends of my ribbon down with several heavy books and my five year old skirt making assistant. I decided on a random color pattern and set to work tying each piece of tulle to the ribbon so that it hang evenly on both sides. You don't want to tie too tightly because you want a little bit of wiggle room to even out the fabric later on. I continued to work from the center out, alternating each side until I was out of tulle.
Blue Fairy with Super Why
I finished the skirt by tying it onto my trusty five year old assistant and adjusting the tulle so that there was even coverage all around. And that is pretty much it. Every so often the skirt needs a little fluffing and straightening but otherwise it wears really well and is quite simple to make. I finished the entire project start to finish in about 30 minutes.

Here's the entire Blue Fairy Finished Product!

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