Dinner and a Book Store Family Date Night

Dinner and a book store is one of our family's favorite outings and it's a great family date night for all ages. For our last family date night we decided to try a new restaurant for us, Pei Wei Asian Diner.  They are owned by the people who created P. F. Chang's Chinese Biestro.  Since P. F. Chang's is one of my favorite restaurants I couldn't wait to give Pei Wei Asian Diner a try.

We enjoyed vegetable spring rolls, tofu singapore noodles, shrimp low mein and honey chicken.

Our food was brought to us after we placed our order up front and found a table.  The kitchen is open so you can watch your food being prepared.  Madi enjoyed the chopstick helpers that were provided with her kids meal and both kids loved the orange slices available near the drinks.  You do have to get your own refills but that wasn't too bad. 

At the end of our meal we ate our fortune cookies, and took a picture to remember our fortunes.  Then, off to the book store!

Barnes & Noble has a lot of options for entertainment for young families.  We of course visited the children's section and played with the train sets and the story book stage.  And you can't forget the escalator.  That was a favorite of our son, Oli. 

Madi had me reading princess themed books and a new one to us, "Purpliscious". 

When we had all the fun we could handle and it started getting late we drove home to get ready for bed.  Thinking about our special date night reminds me that it's time to have another one.  What are some of your favorite family date night activities?

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