Getting to Know Me

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1. What time did you get up this morning?
Somewhere around 8:00 AM

2. How do you like your steak?
I haven't had one in 16 years. How do you like yours?

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
"Avatar - The Last Airbender"

4. What is your favorite TV show?
Fringe, Bones, Stargate Universe, HGTV Design Shows & Food Network

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
I would like to try Florida or British Columbia Canada

6. What did you have for breakfast?
Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal and Vanilla Soy Milk

7. What is your favorite cuisine?
I used to joke that I was a Mexican, Italian, Chinese in a past life since those were the different food genres that I enjoyed.  They are still my favorites but I eat the vegetarian versions.

8. What foods do you dislike?
cooked spinach, brussel sprouts, most Korean food

9. Favorite Place to Eat?
Ruby Tuesday has great veggie burger sliders and I love the salad bar.  I just had my birthday dinner at Sweet Tomatoes for the second year in a row. 

10. Favorite dressing?
blue cheese

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive?
I don't

12. What are your favorite clothes?
I am starting to embrace the dress more but mostly you will find me in jeans and a casual top. 

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
1/2 full I'd hope

15. Where would you want to retire?
The question for me is not where I will retire but will I?

16. Favorite time of day?
When my house is calm and quiet. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it sure is nice.

17. Where were you born?
Lawrence, KS

18. What is your favorite sport to watch?
ummm...not really into that much.

19. Bird watcher?
mostly with my kids

20. Are you a morning person or a night person?
I like the quiet of the night.

21. Pets?
Absolutely! Cats are my preference.

22. Any new and exciting news that you'd like to share?

I wish I had some exciting news.  This might be a good place to start a rumor...or not.

23. What did you want to be when you were little?
An English Teacher or Professional Singer

24. What is your best childhood memory?
I was reminded of a Palm Sunday when I was about five years old and I decided to reenact the palm processional that we had at church that morning in my own backyard.  I didn't have a palm branch so I broke off a rather large limb off of one of our trees and started waving it in this large arching motion as I walked back and forth outside.  I can remember my parents not being too happy about what I had done to the tree.   

25. Are you a cat or dog person?
cat all the way

26. Are you married?
Yes, I have been married for 6 years to my husband Max.

27. Always wear your seat belt?
of course

28. Been in a car accident?

29. Any pet peeves?
noisy eating, having a room get messed up right after I cleaned it. know-it-alls and those who think they are right all the time no matter what. Arrogance.

30. Favorite pizza topping?
veggies and pineapple

31. Favorite Flower?
coral roses

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