Bottle Cap Magnets @ The (New) Dime Store

We went to The (New) Dime Store in Brookside a few weekends ago and got to make some really neat bottle cap magnets in the craft department.  We had  so much fun with this simple project.  Here's how to make your own to brighten up your fridge or filing cabinet.  

You will need:

Several bottle caps were prepared ahead a time for us with solid colored circles glued in the middle.  The circles were cut using a small circle punch.  We got to personalize our creations with images from magazines and scrap-booking papers that had also been cut into circles to fit the bottle caps.   

Once you cut your paper into circles, use the modge podge glue to adhere the paper to the inside of the bottle cap.

Make sure you coat the top side of the paper as well so it adheres well to the cap.  Things are going to look kinda cloudy until the glue dries.  Don't worry.

If you fancy you can add glitter or glitter glue on top of the paper you chose at this point making sure to do another layer of modge podge glue to seal everything really well. 

Finally, when all is dry, cut a little strip of the magnet tape and attach it to the back of each of your bottle caps.  Now you can share them with the world by placing them on your fridge.  These would also make a cute gift.  Enjoy!

Emily Elliott

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