October Unique and Bizarre Monthly Holidays

October is...

  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Clergy Appreciation Month
  • Computer Learning Month
  • Cookie Month
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • International Drum Month
  • National Diabetes Month
  • National Pizza Month
  • National Vegetarian Month
  • National Popcorn Popping Month
  • Sarcastic Month
  • Seafood Month

Special Days in October

1 World Vegetarian Day
2 Name Your Car Day
3 Techies Day
3 Virus Appreciation Day
4 National Frappe Day
4 World Smile Day
5 Do Something Nice Day
5 International Frugal Fun Day
5 World Teacher's Day

6 Mad Hatter Day
7 Bald and Free Day
8 American Touch Tag Day
9 Curious Events Day
9 Fire Prevention Day
9 Moldy Cheese Day
10 National Angel Food Cake Day
11 It's My Party Day
11 Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day
11 World Egg Day
12 Moment of Frustration Day

13 International Skeptics Day
14 Be Bald and Free Day
16 Bosses Day
16 Dictionary Day
17 Wear Something Gaudy Day
18 No Beard Day
19 Evaluate Your Life Day
19 International Newspaper Carrier Day
19 Sweetest Day Third Saturday of month

20 Brandied Fruit Day  
21 Count Your Buttons Day
21 National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day find a recipe, too.
22 National Nut Day
24 National Bologna Day
24 United Nations Day
19 Sweetest Day Third Saturday of month
25 Punk for a Day Day
25 World Pasta Day
25 Frankenstein Friday
26 Make a Difference Day
26 National Mincemeat Day

29 Hermit Day
29 National Frankenstein Day
30 National Candy Corn Day
30 Mischief Night
31 Carve a Pumpkin Day
31 Halloween
31 Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

"Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter."  

~Carol Bishop Hipps, "October,"In a Southern Garden, 1995

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