Mosaic Monday: Bras Across the Kaw

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Hundreds of bras line the bridge over the Kaw river in Lawrence, KS each October in an installation entitled, "Bras Across the Kaw".  Last year I was able to snap a few photos of some of the many hundred bras that were donated to promote breast cancer awareness month and women's health.

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Health Care Access Clinic of Lawrence, KS serves low-income Douglas County residents and provides much needed health care to the many uninsured that would otherwise go without.  Shelly Wakeman, the clinic director was quoted in a recent Kansas City Star article promoting the 2013 installation.

"The whole purpose is to catch people's attention and, if they're a woman, hopefully get them to schedule their mammogram.  Or, if they're a man who loves a woman, to get them to encourage her to schedule one." 

We have all been touched by cancer in some way either personally or we have a family member or friend that has been effected.  It's so important that we rally together and support those battling cancer and those who are fighting along side their loved ones.  I have a grandmother that is a breast cancer survivor.  She is fighting a different cancer battle know like so many people and could use your prayers of healing and strength during this time.

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