The September List

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An August Recap:

My personal goals for September:

  • Complete my Fall Etsy Collection for an October 1st Grand Opening
  • Read two books
  • Carve out some daily exercise time
  • Implement a 10 PM personal bedtime

A few blog posts + pins I've loved lately:

New Worsted Twist Seed Stitch Scarf on The Purl Bee - I love the colors and I think I can recreate this using crochet.  

Marions Cozy Cup Warmer - I have read a ton of pattern ideas for cup cozies and have fallen in love with this one. 

5 Creative Ways to Reach Your Goals on The Frisky

A few handmade items I've had my eye on:

POP Jewelry Studio: Etsy

Vessels and Wares: Etsy

Name Design Studio: Etsy

Miniature Rhino: Etsy

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