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Outside my  was a sunny day in Lawrence, KS.  We are wrapping up summer with warmer temperatures.  There's still time to hit the swimming pool before it gets cold again.

I am thinking...about all the things I haven't checked off my to-do list due to a yucky upper respiratory virus I got a couple weeks ago.  I have been to the doctor twice and I'm taking an antibiotic finally.  I've tried a cough suppressant and that doesn't seem to be helping that much.  I also have tried Zyrtec to rule out allergies and that just knocked me out the next day and made me feel like a zombie.  I am hopeful about the antibiotic.  Keeping my fingers crossed.      

I am thankful Mom.  Even though we get on each other's nerves and know just how to push each other's buttons she is my biggest supporter.  I love you Mom!

I am wearing...A cute knit dress in gray, navy, yellow and orange color blocking.  It is so comfortable.  I just throw on a pair of sandals and a couple jewelry accessories and I am good to go.

I am years in elementary school.  My daughter started second grade this month.  I was reminded of my second grade teacher.  She shared a little bit about herself that first week on an About Me board that we all got to do sometime before the year ended.  She had a black belt in karate, a dog or cat named taco and loved to read books.  I also remember her special chalk holder that she used when writing on the black board.  We read "The Velveteen Rabbit" that year and counted to 100 on paper.  

I am currently reading...I have done a ton of reading this summer both personally and with my kids.  Both kids and I finished the Lawrence Public Library's reading program in July with one more month to go in the summer.  I usually have a few books going at once.  Here's what I am currently reading:

For the past couple years I have signed up for the Reading Challenge that goodreads offer.  I decided to double my reading goal this year so I could also start tracking the many children's books that I have been reading with my kids.  We read a minimum of two chapters a night together right before bed and I thought I should be getting credit for that, too.  Here's my progress:

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Emily has read 31 books toward her goal of 48 books.

I am hoping...for less stress in my life.  It has been a crazy couple years and I need some relief.  One great big thing that has finally happened is my divorce.  I will still have to co-parent with this person for the time being but otherwise this has been a much needed change that I welcome.  I also hope to control more of my earning potential in the coming months by expanding my blogs and looking for more income opportunities.  I lost my 8 - 5 job last spring and it hasn't been easy finding a new one.    

On my mind...When I read food labels it saddens me when things are added that really have no business being added to the product.  I recently went to buy canned beans because I didn't have time to soak my own for a recipe and the third ingredient was corn syrup.  Why would a form of sugar be added to a can of beans that will just be put in a casserole and eaten?  I have enough problems with sugar in my diet.  I don't need it added secretly for me.  It also drives me nuts that if I want to buy the product that does not have sugar added it costs me twice as much.  That just doesn't make any sense to me.  I refuse to buy these products.   

Noticing that...I have way too many tabs open on my web browser at the moment.  So many things I want to read that I can't bare to close any of them right now.  I would bookmark for later but my bookmarks are extremely unorganized right now.  I imported my bookmarks into my new browser but haven't added them to my folders.  That could take most of an afternoon and I have just been putting it off.  

Pondering these words...

From the kitchen...I have been focusing on 100% real food as much as I can and trying new recipes.  My personal goal would be to by an 100% real food family but I know that might not be always practical.  I have worked on staples like vegetable stock, soaking and cooking my own beans, and breads.  I have relied heavily on my slow cooker and my bread machine.  I really want to get another slow cooker and another bread machine so I can have them both working for me at once.  It never fails that I want to make stock and spaghetti sauce at the same time but only one slow cooker.  I also have been making dough and really could use two batches at once especially when we are using the dough for pizza night.  I will be keeping my eyes open at thrift stores and yard sales to see what I can find.    

Around the house...We are getting ready for my daughter's 7th birthday party tomorrow.  We are finally heading to the neighborhood pool and inviting all of her classmates to join us.  Last year we tried this and the birthday girl was sick so we had to cancel.  This year we are bound and determined to have this party!

I am behind on a lot of things due to illness so the house has suffered a bit.  My room in particular that also serves as my office has seen better days.  I got down most of my yarn storage to go through it and prepare new projects for fall right before I caught this nasty virus.  The last thing I have wanted to do is put it all away just yet.  I will get there though, I promise.

One of my favorite things...Dark chocolate truffles have won me over recently.  Just heavenly!

From my camera...We have enjoyed getting outside this summer and taking advantage of some great programs in our community.  My first picture high lights a visit to the Carnegie Library building after a Kidapaloosa event for elementary aged kids.  The bottom two pictures are of the front garden we have at home that has just grown like gangbusters.  The butterflies have sure enjoyed it.  

Would you like to linger on the simple things...then join me and many others at "The Simple Woman's Daybook" in taking a little look into the days plans and thoughts of those who are focusing on of the 'everyday moments'. I will be posting a weekly update using this unique and simple format.

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