Mosaic Monday: Stigmeric

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Happy Monday!

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with your head put on an insect body?  I got a unique opportunity to try it out with a hand printed art piece.  I took a printing class last fall at the Lawrence Arts Center and met the artist, Patrick Vincent.  Patrick has an on-going collaborative project where you submit a photo of your face and a bug suggestion and he creates an image on linoleum.  He is inviting us to connect with a part of the natural world that is often ignored.

Before Patrick concluded his artist in residence at the Lawrence Arts Center he shared his recent works in a gallery show called Stigmeric.  It was so exciting to see not only my face on an insect but the faces of my two kids as well.  Enjoy!

Mary of Little Red House is our hostess for Mosaic Monday. 
Each mosaic is unique and has it's own story to tell.

Emily Elliott

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