10 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

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1.  Go to the movies and take advantage of the free air conditioning.

2.  Visit a local park you have always wanted to try and take a picnic along.  Don't forget some nice, juicy watermelon.

3.  Attend an outdoor concert and enjoy some live music.

4.  Get a Tad's Snow Cone.  A Lawrence, KS favorite!

5.  Get to your farmers market and try some local produce.  Create a salad your whole family will enjoy.

6.  Hit a few Yard Sales and find a few treasures.

7.  Spend some time in nature.  Take a trail walk or find a local garden you want to explore.

8.  Take a few photos of you and your family to remember great summer memories

9.  Go for a swim

10.  Find a hammock or comfy chair outdoors and take the time to enjoy a good book.

What's on your summer's must do list?

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