U.F.O's; UnFinished Objects

Yarn crafters can be easily distracted with new ideas and the amazing new yarns we come across both in our local yarn shops and online.  It is also so hard to keep us from a clearance sale when it comes to our chosen medium.  You would be quite proud of me last week when I selected several skeins of yarn on clearance at Michael's and decided to put them all back.  I realized that I wasn't that thrilled with them and was only contemplating purchase because they were so discounted.  

After awhile no matter how focused we try to be we end up with a pile of unfinished items staring at us in our crafty spaces.  Fellow yarn crafters call them U.F.O's - Unfinished Objects and know them all too well.  I think the worse ones are when you have printed the pattern and bought the yarn but haven't even started.  I have a couple of those, too.

Here is my current list of U.F.O.'s:

  • A Prayer Shawl in Lion Brand Homespun on my large yellow circle loom 
  • Women's Crochet Cardigan in Lion Brand's Pound of Love 
  • Crochet Bubble Stitch Scarf in a mustard color from Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice
  • Crochet V-stitch afghan for my daughter in Fairy Tale from KnitPicks
  • Ruffled Crochet Scarves in several shades of Canditi

I have decided to finish these projects once and for all so I can move on to bigger things.  I have so many other great ideas and things I want to try but these projects are blocking my progress.  

I am so close in finishing the Ruffled Crochet Scarves so that is what have chosen to knock out first.  Then I plan to attack the Women's Cardigan that I started last fall and all I have to do with it is seam up the sides.  The Bubble Stitch Scarf only needs me to weave in the ends and it will be completed just in time for cooler weather.

I am half done with the prayer shawl on my loom.  I started it with my grandmother in mind and plan to finish it for her.  I am thinking It would make a wonderful birthday present this November.

The last project on the list is the crochet v-stitch afghan for my daughter.  I am thinking that I didn't buy enough yarn to finish this one which saddens me.  This project was a request from my daughter once she realized that her brother had a crocheted blanket and she didn't.  It was a terrible oversight on my part so we set to work finding the best pattern and perfect color of yarn.  I am thinking we will need to experiment with color blocking and find two more colors in complimentary shades to finish this project.  I will know more once I am through the yarn I currently have.    

So, there you have it!  All my unfinished objects on display.  Do share in the comments what you have been working on this month and what has been sitting unfinished in your project bag.  We could all use some yarn crafter support.    

Emily Elliott

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