Tasty Tuesday: Madeline's Signature Snack Mix

Last Spring my daughter got to bring treats to her kindergarten class to celebrate her birthday that would actually happen in the summer.  I was excited to help her be creative with what she wanted to bring and share with her classmates.

Since several students would also be sharing snacks we decided to go with a snack mix that would highlight some of Madi's favorite things.  I put together all the ingredients and we got to play with the mix until it was just right.  Then we divided it up into little baggies and I designed a sticker with her picture and real birth date.  The snack mix was a real hit and it was a fun and simple way to celebrate.  


Madeline's Signature Snack Mix

1 bag - Mini Marshmallos
1 box - Raisins
1 package - Cheddar Fish Crackers
1 bag - Pretzel Sticks
3 bags - Microwave Popcorn
1 bag - Chocolate chips
1 bag - Chocolate chunks
1 bag - Coconut
1 bag - White Chocolate Chips

Use your largest mixing bowl and do your best to mix up all of the ingredients listed.  Feel free to adjust the quantity to your liking.  There is more than enough here to share with family and friends.  Store leftovers in an air-tight container or plastic storage bag. 

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