Mosaic Monday: Habitat ReStore Visit

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Lawrence is so lucky to have a Habitat for Humanity  ReStore.  My mom and I drove by the other weekend and decided to turn around and just spend some time exploring the store.  We had been talking about going in for months but hadn't done it yet.

I am so glad we stopped.  This store has given me so many neat ideas for home decor and furniture projects.  I was pleasantly surprised about all the furniture I saw.  The prices were quite reasonable.  If you know you are shopping for heavy items make sure you bring friends or have them on stand-by because you do have to arrange for your own pick-up and hauling.  Otherwise be a kid in a home improvement supply candy store.  Enjoy!


Mary of Little Red House is our hostess for Mosaic Monday. 
Each mosaic is unique and has it's own story to tell.

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