A Pot of Succulents of Your Very Own

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So, I spent the $30.00 or so at my favorite local garden center and got everything I needed to put together a pot of succulents.  I'm happy with the results and it was pretty simple to do.  Here are a few tips to make one of your very own.     

I got some advice and bought the special cactus soil mixture and the finishing rock for the top to make everything look nice. 

I decided on four smaller sized plants.  You don't want them to be to big to start out with or you run the risk of over crowding your pot.  For composition sake I selected four very different shaped plants with varying colors.  I wanted it to be interesting to look at.  

You want a pot with decent drainage.  This yellow bowl pot I found has an attached dish which also comes in handy if you over water just a little.

Decide how you want your plants to sit in your pot and place them in your special cactus soil.  Leave a little room around each one so they can breath and have space to grow. 

Finish off the top with a good layer of small dressing rock and give it a little bit of water to drink.

And there you have it.  Your very own pot of succulents!  Place it in a semi sunny spot and try not to over or under water it.  Things should dry out a bit before you give it another drink.  If you have questions bring it into your local garden center for some much needed advice.   

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