Suddenly it's Salad!

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Do any of you eat Suddenly Salad?  I enjoy the ranch and bacon one and find it funny that there is absolutely no bacon in it.  I also like the classic salad every once in awhile. I buy up a few boxes when they go on sale and I have a coupon.  Here is what I did to make mine extra yummy this evening for dinner.  I took some cues from the stir-in ideas on the package.  

Classic Suddenly Salad Kicked up a Notch
One Classic Suddenly Salad prepared with package directions
One can of tuna packed in water drained
One small can of chopped black olives
One large Roma tomato chopped
A few dashes of Parmesan cheese

Add all the listed ingredients into the bowl and mix together.  Chill if you want to but I couldn't wait.  I served mine with fruit and cheese and made it dinner.

Emily Elliott

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