One Hundred Things

   1. I was born in Lawrence, KS
   2. I moved around the Midwest when I was growing up
   3. I have lived in 3 American states: Kansas, Missouri & Nebraska.
   4. I went to 8 different schools
   5. I was born loving music.
   6. I thought I would be a teacher when I grew up.
   7. I don't remember a time when I wasn't singing.
   8. I was and still am an avid reader
   9. I love books and wish I had more time to read
  10. I was the only child my mother knew that got in trouble for reading too much.
  11. Reading kept me from cleaning my room and doing chores.
  12.  From 7th -9th grade I was a member of the Lawrence Children's Choir
  13. I always wanted to take photo class but was never able to.
  14. I have always felt older than I really am.
  15. Ready to do more and be more than I was allowed to be.
  16. I don’t like it when things don’t come naturally
  17. Musical things come naturally.
  18. Working with kids comes naturally
  19. Being friends with people who are quite older than me comes naturally
  20. Creating comes naturally
  21. I had a Rocky and Bullwinkle coloring book as a kid that I painstakingly colored and outlined.
  22. Did you know they made a Rocky and Bullwinkle movie with Robert De Niro and Rene Russo?
  23.  In 6th and 7th grade I perfected my basket making technique using yarn wrapped around a fabric core.
  24.  I also dabbled in graphic design whilIe helping to put together my 6th grade class' newspaper.
  25. My first job was working at in a retirement community's Kitchen as a dietary aide
  26. If I had dish duty that night we washed dishes for 200+ residents
  27. I attend the University of Kansas as a Vocal Performance Major
  28.  I got my first church music job at 19 years old.
  29. I stayed at Centenary United Methodist Church for 5 years.
  30. I used to design worship bulletins.
  31. I enjoyed trying to find graphics that went with the theme of the day. 
  32. After Graduating high school in 2000 I made my first trip to New York
  33. That's when I sang at Carnegie Hall under the direction of Simon Carrington
  34. My second time on the East coast a few years later I traveled to Washington D.C.
  35. There I sang at National Cathedral for evening service with KU's Chamber Choir
  36. We also performed at Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York
  37. I love traveling
  38. Most of my travels have happened thanks to my involvement with music.
  39. I met my husband at Henry's Coffee Shop.  Neither one of us drinks coffee.
  40. We dated for a year
  41. We were engaged for a year
  42. We got used to this being married idea the next year
  43. We call year number 2 of our marriage the year of the baby
  44. I also call it the year of the hospital.
  45. That year my husband's appendix ruptured and my daughter was in the NICU for 3 1/2 weeks
  46. More time than I have ever spent in hospitals.
  47.  But we all survived.
  48.  Moved to Kansas City, MO in 2006
  49.  Wasn't sure about that move.
  50. Have since grown to love my home.
  51. In 2009, our little Oliver was born.
  52. I was supposed to play the piano for a church service the next day.  That of course didn't happen.
  53. I’ve never been out of the country. 
  54. My husband has dual citizenship to Canada.
  55. I would love to go see European art museums
  56. I was just asked by my daughter to come and see her castle.
  57. I am starting to like sprinkles as much as she does.  Any desert looks even more tasty with a bit of sprinkles on top.  Don't you think? 
  58. I lean towards orange as my favorite color
  59. the other ones in the running are blue, purple and green
  60. I want to own a marimba some day.
  61. My husband thinks that I have a succulant plant addiction.
  62. They are some of my favorite plants and you can do so much with them.
  63. I have a small monkey collection that I now share with my daughter
  64. I love being a mom.
  65. But sometimes motherhood is frustrating
  66. and it's not easy.  No matter how people say I make it look. 
  67. I like my large blue eyes
  68. My daughter Madeline got them, too
  69. And so did my son Oliver
  70. We look quite handsome together.
  71. I love to cook and people say I'm pretty good at it.
  72. I wish I had more time to get into photography.
  73.  I love the smell of pomegranate candles.  It's quite awesome.  
  74. I wear jeans most every day or yoga pants
  75.  I seem to work better at night but never past 1:00 am.
  76. I can't stand cola soda
  77. But I do like Dr. Pepper & Root bear occasionally.
  78. I love Sunkist Soda and drink far too much
  79. I'm a pescatarian but nobody really gets that
  80. so I just tell them I am a vegetarian.
  81. Pescatarians eat eggs, dairy & seafood
  82. I want to live somewhere with a metro where I don’t need a car.
  83. I want to recycle more but feel limited by my lack of space.
  84. My focus now is reduce, reuse. 
  85. My husband taught me how to crochet when we were dating.
  86. I now do it more than he does.
  87. I also loom knit. 
  88. I love yarn crafting so much that I created a group for charity giving
  89. It's call Yarn Blessings. (look us up on Facebook)
  90. I enjoy making the prayer shawls and baby blankets.
  91. I took 5 years of Spanish language in school
  92. Over the years I have sung in 12 languages the last time I counted
  93. I used to joke that I was a Chinese, Mexican, Italian in a past life
  94. because those were my favorite food categories. 
  95. I want to live in a simply designed home with lots of storage
  96. And it must have enough lawn for a garden
  97. and a clothes line
  98. Fall and Spring are my favorite times of year.
  99. When Winter comes I just want to stay inside.
 100. I guess I can't believe I had 100 things to say about me.

Emily Elliott

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